Many residents have told me that their cars have been broken into right in front of their homes.

My car was vandalized right in front of my home.

There are home invasions going on, burglaries going on, and we’re importing more criminals from out of our city than we are taxpayers.

I will personally drive around our city at night if I have to in order to stop this kind of crime.

Here’s my crime plan:

  1. Put undercover tactical units on the streets late night and overnight in all neighborhoods
  2. Empower and stand behind our police when they make decisions to combat crime
  3. Aggressively identify ‘out of town’ criminals who come here to commit crimes and kick them out

We’ve got great police in our city. We need to let them do their job and stop making their jobs difficult.

Fixing Streets

City spending is up 23% in the past 3 years but our streets and sewers are still a mess.

As mayor, I will fix the streets, fill in potholes, repave, get our sewers in order, and ensure that all sidewalks and curbs are safe and complete.

City Spending

When the city spends too much money, your taxes go up.

It’s really that simple.

Bike paths, expensive sidewalks, renovations to government buildings no one uses. These things have been a priority with the current mayor and city council.

The amount of consulting fees paid to Chicago and out of state architects and attorneys in unbelievable.

If we can reduce the amount of city spending to 2013 levels, the City of Bloomington could afford to send a $500 refund check to every resident.

And they should.

When Mayor Tari Renner was elected, the cost of running the city was $169 million. Now, just 3 years later, he has grown that cost to $207 million. This is a 23% increase in 3 years.

This would be like your take-home pay increasing from $800 per week to $984.

Of course that doesn’t happen to your salary, so why should it happen in government?

As mayor I will bring in outside auditors to eliminate waste in city government and reduce spending to 2013 levels.  We will use the savings to finally fix the streets and sewers.

Conservative Values

As a Christian conservative, I am pro-life and believe in treating all people equally.

As a Constitutional conservative, I believe in the maximum amount of freedom and the least amount of government, regardless of religious and lifestyle preferences,

Our Constitution is being ignored and God is being targeted for removal by government.

As mayor, I will make sure that people of all faiths are treated with respect, dignity, and equality, and that government doesn’t force God out of our lives.

Bloomington Must Buy Local

The City of Bloomington seems to buy vehicles, equipment, services, and consulting all kinds from every place but Bloomington.

It doesn’t make sense to purchase city vehicles from Peoria when we can buy them local and help our local economy.

As mayor, we will first make absolutely sure that all services, equipment, vehicles, consulting, and anything else the city spends money on, will be spent on local businesses.

We must support our local businesses.

Property Taxes

Property taxes in Bloomington are driving away senior citizens and forcing families to relocate outside of our city.

This drives prices of homes down due to lack of competition, thereby making our home values go down.

This forces our government to react by raising taxes, something that has been done a lot lately by our current mayor and city council.


This is totally unacceptable, and there’s not a single member of the city council even talking about this.

According to the Bloomington-Normal Economic Development Council, there are 44% fewer single family homes built in 2015 versus 2013.

We need these numbers to go in the other direction.

As mayor, I will insist on an immediate lowering of property taxes so everyone can afford to live here. This will grow our economy, increase our population, and create more housing.


Restoring Pride in Bloomington

Bloomington is an amazing place. I’ve lived all over the country and I can say that with certainty.

To keep it great, we need to change the way government is operating.

First, we invest in our police. We do this by putting more police on our streets, adding tactical officers with roving patrols, and taking better care and interest in the health and safety of our officers.

And anyone coming to Bloomington to commit crimes and torture local police will be sent back home.

Second, we fix our streets. We have to finally repave torn up roads that are all over the city. This has been promised for years. I will do it.

Third, we reward city staff for identifying waste and corruption in city government. Our city employees are important. They can make a difference in the lives of citizens by ensuring that city services work correctly 100% of the time and that costs are kept down in order to lower taxes. We should offer cash incentives to any employee who identifies waste that saves taxpayer money.

Fourth, we give our fire department the best equipment in the country. The moms, dads, friends, and neighbors that make up our fire department deserve to know that we care as much about them as they do us. This means spending top dollar on the safest and highest quality equipment.

Fifth, fix the downtown area. Downtown Bloomington has been neglected by city government. New trees, better walkways, and simple beautification would do a lot. Lower taxes and less regulation will bring in new small business.

The downtown association should be helped by government and be empowered to fix up the downtown area so that it prospers.

Finally, we have to stop playing games with criminals and vagrants who hang out downtown and start kicking them out.

Sixth, make Bloomington the least taxed city in Illinois. We’re going to be the easiest community to move to because we’re going to be the cheapest place to buy things and live. Amazon grew by making sure they were the cheapest destination on the internet. We will grow by ensuring we have the lowest cost of living.



Seniors are being forced out of Bloomington because property taxes are too high and fees for utilities and garbage are too high.


As mayor, I will lower property taxes and fees on utilities. I will eliminate the garbage tax with savings from cutting waste out of the city budget.

Seniors built this city, they shouldn’t feel like they can’t afford to live here.


As a small business owner, I’ve worked in some of the highest regulated industries in America, and I can tell you that regulations are job killers.

The current city system isn’t just hostile to small and medium businesses, but it puts them at a disadvantage.

Deals to give special directed tax breaks to specific companies puts existing businesses at a disadvantage. As a small business owner, there’s nothing that bothers me more.

To make Bloomington #1 for jobs and business we have to:

  1. Cut the sales tax to 6.5%
  2. Listen to our small and medium sized business owners to find the rules and regulations that hurt them
  3. Spend time at every city council meeting eliminating bad rules and regulations

To add jobs to Bloomington we need to cut regulation, lower taxes, cut the sales tax back to 6.5%, and listen to our small business owners and eliminate the rules and regulations that keep them from growing.

As mayor, we will save small businesses, attract new ones, and cut taxes so that residents can keep more of the money they earn.




The current mayor and city council want to raise the garbage tax again so that residents pay another $40 per “streetside” pickup.

And that’s after 6 tax increases on garbage, amusement, utilities, gas, property, and sales.

The sales tax is killing our businesses and the property tax is killing our residents. These taxes need to come down immediately, and the others need to come down gradually.


Bloomington’s recent sales tax was not only harmful but unnecessary. After raising the city sales tax to 8.75%, the money brought in resulted in a surplus in spending that equaled the increase in tax.

That means that the city didn’t need the money to operate.

The current mayor and city council either have no idea what they’re doing or they’re lying in order to raise taxes for some reason.

As mayor, my highest priority will be lowering the sales and property taxes, and being truthful with you about what we’re doing with our budget.